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December 21st 2017
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Ipswich Junior Open (Silver) Tournament 2018
The Ipswich Silver Junior Open will be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February at Ipswich Sports Club and Martlesham Leisure. The event is one of a handful of England Squash Silver events which are mandatory for any junior looking for national selection. That coupled with the success of last year's tournament has led to a bumper entry of around 240 with many of the events oversubscribed. Entries have now closed and the draws are listed below. These will be updated throughout the event.

(updated Jan 22)
Boys' Under 13
(updated Jan 23)
Boys' Under 15
Girls' Under 17 Boys' Under 17
(updated Jan 22)
Boys' Under 19
To interpret the draws - each match is identified at the left of the box, ie M2C which typically means match C of round 2. The players are identified by results of the preceeding round ie W M1E is the winner of match M1E, L M1E would be the loser of match M1E. Hope that helps. If you need help interpreting the draws, call us.
Additional information
Directions to Ipswich Sports Club
Directions to Martlesham Leisure
Directions between venues
In the meantime, further information about the event and the venues is available from Alec Livingstone - 07803 003215, Ali Livingstone - 07801 268861 or by email or Twitter - @IpsJunOpen.