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April 2nd 2017
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Internal League

The internal box league can be viewed by anyone at http://ipswich.clubnet.org.uk/squash-leagues/ where players will be able to use their passwords to input results, track performance, etc. It also has a link to the booking system. The next league will run until June 15th. A printable copy of the leagues is available here.


The internal league uses PAR (aka 'American') scoring. The Premier League will play the best of 5 games to 11 points, playing to two clear points at 10-10. All other divisions will play the best of 5 games to 15 points, playing two clear points at 14-14.

League and Points Championship

Every year we use the statistics produced by the league system to run two League related championships. 
The League Championship is based on the top three divisions in the League and is biased towards the top division. So, the winner of the League Championship really is the top league performer of the year.
The Points Championship, aka “The Best of the Rest”, is for all other players and games in the bottom division can earn as many points as any other. So, the Points Champion tends to be the player who has improved most over the season regardless of their playing standard.
1 point for every game won
1 bonus point for every match won
2 bonus points for a 3-0 win, 1 bonus point for a 3-1 win
2 bonus points for Div 1 players, 1 bonus point for Div 2 players
 Standings at the end of 2014/15 season (Printable copy of full table here.)
League Champion   Points Champion
  Total Total
1 Peter Squirrell  122 David Williams  128
2 Andrew Ramsey  121 Francis Overall  119
3 Jasper Goodwyn  119 Ian Head  115
4 Elliott Hefford  118 Jonathan Tuppen  114
5 Ron Bromley  90 Daniel Cooper 109
6 Edward Curtis  87 Graham Sharpe  109
7 Michael Muncaster 78 Richard Smith  109
8 Robert Marsh-Feiley  78 Laurence Sanders 108
9 Andrew Smethurst  77 James Reeder  107
10 Mark Ledger  76 Sharon Reeder  107