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March 28th 2017
March 13th 2017
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March 11th 2017
British junior champions Kyle Finch, the Sports Club's Lucy Turmel and Elise Lazarus have ... More here.
Felixstowe, Ipswich and District Floodlit Tennis League
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Men`s Tennis Captain's Report - March 2016
I have now had a full year as Men`s Tennis Captain for Ipswich Sports Club, this role has proved to be exciting, varied and very challenging at times!  I have enjoyed the ups and downs and the challenges that were presented during the Summer Season of 2015 and the Winter Floodlit Season 2015/2016.

This role has given me a greater understanding of the leagues rules, its processes, and more importantly just what an amazing job each of the Team Captains do for their bands of merry players!

It seems however that player commitment is an all consuming part of being a Team Captain, each captain has their own way of running their teams, I can honestly say I do not think there is a right or wrong way, the issues are exactly the same whether one Team Captain knows in advance who their teams will be or if another knows the week before, player availability last minute drop outs, holidays, or work commitments, sickness, etc all seem to be the Achilles heel for a Team Captain, the challenge as I see it.

I was fortunate to work with Tip Flory who has been incredibly helpful with her player knowledge and contacts during the Summer and most recently with the Floodlit League.  I think without this support I am not sure I could have carried out this role so a big thanks to Tip and her team of ladies!

Men's Tennis Team Captain

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